Monday, April 21, 2008

Pregnant Again

Yes the widget is true I am pregnant again. It took a long time in denial and a lot of tears to get used to, but I think it was suppose to happen this way seeing as I was nursing and on birth control when I got pregnant. Next time I am going to have to use something a lot stronger. They will be almost 16 months apart. I know people have had them closer so I should not be so scared to have another new born. Luckily it's a boy. I work in radiology so I went to get a ultrasound every week till they could tell me it was a boy. Finally 2 weeks ago they did and I was so gladly relieved. I have boy stuff and I am ready for a boy. Plus I am scared of girls you have to make them cute, boys who cares if they have mud all over there face there a boy. Way less pressure.


We finally had our Family Easter. We had to wait till it got warmer and the mud dried up at the desert. We all had so much fun, here is Felps with his stash of Easter Bunny Hunt goodies, which was not easy to come by. My dad made us each follow our own I swear 3 mile string to get to the stash. Next year will be better if he does that again because Felps will be walking and I wont have to pack him!!

This was Felps first time on a 4-wheeler. I am not sure how I raised such a wimpy baby, but he really did not like it at all. I think it is because he is just so scared of any loud noise. I have to lock him in his room while I vacuum, also if anyone sneezes he is going to have tears.
Megan made it to Easter all the way from Cali, which we were all so glad about, especially Felps he really likes her cuz she is such a good baby holder. Thanks Megs.
This is Felps with his cousins Emery and Mckenna. Felps is about to lose it at any second, I think he is scared we are going to tun the thing on.