Friday, June 19, 2009


O'Ya Felps is living the high life with his very own Backyard Pool!!
Or It was something I came up with to keep him in the backyard, so I could just sit and read my book without getting up. That's right I dug a huge mud hole just so I could sit and read, but in my defence it is a really good book. Poor Jeter missed out both times due to naps, but Felps loved it. To bad the landscapers are coming soon, they are totally going to bury our AWESOME pool!

Crazy splash!! Yep that is my comfy chair and book.

Felps and I relaxing pool side!!

He had mud everywhere so we did the naked hose down before we came in the house, he did not like that to much. I am not sure why he would not like freezing cold water sprayed at him, WEIRD!! Don't worry one day I will make it up him and actually buy a real pool.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well Felps is now 2 and I am not sure how I feel about it. I mean I have always been so excited for each milestone you know siting, crawling, walking, turning 1. I just could not wait for them to come, now I don't want any more to come it just means he will not be little forever. It just came to fast, I know I will probably be here when he is 20 saying the same thing.

Sorry about that sad note, it really was a great birthday, at least for me I can't really speak for Felps. Jared made the cake now that he is the stay at home dad. I bought this cute birthday hat for Felps to wear and while I was putting it on I flipped him with the rubber band oops, hence the tears rolling down the face. Thanks to all that came Felps loves all his presents, and I thank you because it has giving him something to play with and to wear!!!

Felps could not figure out that the truck goes backward so if you crash it you can reverse to get it moving again. He would always go and pick it up and place it back down some where else over and over again.

Just teaching him that yes it can go backward!!
Talk about 2 year attitude!!!