Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This is my first Tag, lets see how it goes!

5 Things that make your stomach turn;

1. Onion breath
2. Someone Spitting
3. My toothbrush when I brush my tongue
4. Being to hot.....YUCK
5. The smell of old X-Ray films, they smell like vinegar

5 Things that I absolutely LOVE/CRAVE;

1. Totinos Pizza (weird cuz pre-preg days I hated all pizza)
2. Snow cones, Tigers blood and vanilla, YUM YUM
3. Pepsi, of course
4. Cool Ranch Doritos
5. Hot Dogs

5 things that I constantly worry about;

1. Where to work after this baby comes
2. Having these 2 babies with different nap times so I can't take one
3. Having a Newborn, they are scary
4. Not making it to the Firecracker shows cuz Felps Bedtime
5. Picking out a name for this fellow

5 Things I am excited about;

2. To be done painting
3. To be done moving into the house
4. To get my haircut
5. Key Lime Bars that are in the oven.

5 Names I like;

1. I got nothing!!!! I do not even have one name in mind for this baby, they are so hard to come up with. It is seriously the hardest thing about having a baby for me. They have to be called this there whole life it is a lot of pressure. Plus Jard and I have a really hard time agreeing on a name. I only won on Felps because he felt bad that I just went through labor and he was in a weak moment. I don't know if I can pull it off this time.