Sunday, July 19, 2009


This weekend we went camping. It was our first time with 2 kids, eek crazy is the best word for it. Jeter just wanted to crawl EVERYWHERE, and Felps is such a wandering kid that we kept losing him. We went with the Merrel's and their kids, so they helped round him up a time or two. Thanks guys for the great weekend. Even thought we ditched out early.

This was Jeter's best friend during the weekend. He would just chase Rooney around, It was so cute. He loved that dog, but not Felps, he was pretty scared of him.

Here he is just diving right in to the dirt

I got so sick of pulling rocks and sticks out of his mouth and cleaning his hands because there was no way he was staying on a blanket, or in my lap. That finally I just put socks on his hands so he could not pick up anything. It went really well next time I am just going to bring gloves.

This is him being so cute in the tent.

I promise that Felps and Jared were there to, but in the middle of the night Felps would not calm down so Jared drove him back home like at 3 in the morning. Jeter was a champ and slept right through it all. Jared did not get back until way later that day, and apparently when they were gone was the only time I had the camera out. So there is a reason that only Jeter got pictures taken and not that he is my favorite child.


Quite awhile ago my mom took us all to the Hogle Zoo. Thanks mom you are the best , we all had tons of fun. This is us all by the gorilla.

Just waiting for the bird show to start.

Everyone in line watching the Elephant.

This is Ty and his turtle, the kid loves his turtles!! He has 2 pet ones (by pet I mean stuffed animals) that are named Slow and Turtle.

Felps was none to happy to be posing for this picture.