Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July!!!

All I have to say is Parades are HOT!! O' and I could of used more candy!!


Christy said...

My poor kids. They got a ton of candy...but guess who ate most of it? I am such a mean mom! But I just love those Bit o' Honeys so much!

Your kids are so cute! I bet they loved the parade!

njkilfoyle said...

Yay!! You got new pics. Good job. Man your boys are getting big. Getting candy at parades is always fun!! You need to come down and visit.

Kallie said...

all i gotta say is, i like those november parades when they hand out chocolate and mints and oranges. none o' this plethera of salt water taffy. . . not my kind of thing. (i miss you.)